Elizabeth informs Lisa one to even when Patrick failed to look at the people, the guy nevertheless wants Patrick and you may Emma

Elizabeth informs Lisa one to even when Patrick failed to look at the people, the guy nevertheless wants Patrick and you may Emma

Elizabeth informs Lisa one to even when Patrick failed to look at the people, the guy nevertheless wants Patrick and you may Emma

The guy accuses the lady once more and you may she swears the latest cap isn’t also hers

Lisa rushes towards hospital later on one to evening and later, Robin appear interested in Patrick. She says to him one Lisa took Emma. Patrick asks Robin when the the woman is sure it absolutely was Lisa, and you can Robin wonders as to why the guy will not faith their, reminding him you to Lisa ‘s the crazy one to. Regarding locker place, Patrick face Lisa however, she rejects doing it. Just after she will leave, the guy observes an effective witch’s cap and you can phone calls immediately following her. A nurse comes in and you will tells Patrick the newest hat try hers. Patrick apologizes in order to Lisa, but immediately after the guy will leave, she opens up her locker and you can covers an excellent witch’s costume outfit.

Emma’s party comes doing, however, Patrick will not wade. So it infuriates Lisa and you will she heads so you’re able to Mac’s family. She sees our home is found on flames and you can vacation trips in. She hears Emma’s cries off upstairs and you will rushes the woman out. A neighbor asks in the event the anyone else is inside and Lisa says to Russian dating apps the lady you to definitely Robin is, however they are unable to wait for the flame institution. She works into save your self the girl. Robin declines assist, however, Lisa is able to score the girl away. Robin accuses Lisa from undertaking this new flames, whether or not it is started by an effective knocked-over candle and many wrapping papers. The woman is delivered to the newest PCPD and you can incurs Nikolas. She asks your, among the hospital’s trustees, so you’re able to intervene which have Robin.

Lisa files a petition to have Robin discharged on medical. Although not, when you are wanting to shoot sodium pentathol into the Robin’s IV purse, Maxie comes into and you will grabs the lady along the way. She run off of one’s space and provide Johnny Zacchara the fresh new syringe. Dr. Steve Webber and Nikolas Cassadine bring chase but she provides them with the newest sneak. If the police appear, it pick no research that Lisa did almost anything to Robin. Still, while the Lisa didn’t come with cause to be in the Robin’s area possibly ways, Steve leaves the girl to the probation; the woman O.Roentgen. rights are terminated, she is moved to brand new Elizabeth.R. very Steve could well keep tabs on the lady, and she will getting fired instead of compassion if the she does provokes Robin in any way if not goes near the lady once more. To make things bad (on her behalf), brand new hearing to go over Lisa’s petition against Robin could have been terminated, ergo ensuring that Robin will stay on healthcare. Later on, she suits up with Johnny, whom says to her the guy intends to support the syringe however if the guy requires a prefer out-of the girl.

Ethan Lovett involves General Medical and you will says to Lisa one Johnny requires private medical help

She goes toward his flat in which Johnny requires she patch your right up, otherwise he’s going to give Steve regarding syringe. Immediately following she stitches him up, Johnny’s partner Olivia turns up and you will Lisa makes. Sooner or later, tired of Lisa’s vendetta up against Patrick and you will Robin, together with trouble the syringe possess caused him, Johnny decides to prevent it for some reason. To this end, he sets up a jewel search, leaving several clues to own Lisa and Robin to find and determine who provides the syringe very first. If clues direct Lisa in order to rummage as a result of Steve’s office, she’s caught in the act by Steve himself. Steve with ease notices courtesy Lisa’s lays and, an effective, says to Lisa that she will of course become fired if for example the syringe do skin. Lisa turns to Johnny having help, however, Johnny declines and shows that brand new treasure appear was a student in truth intended for the lady so you can in the long run learn to live having by herself as well as have more this lady addiction to Patrick.

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